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    Kratos’s Hair Troubles

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    I got my cover art of Tales of Symphonia Chronicles signed by Cam Clarke at this year’s Comic Con (thanks again peregrintoque). It says:
    Cam Clarke

    To Travis
    Don’t die before I do, Lloyd, my son.

    PS. Enjoy the first (and probably only) selfie I included.

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You will forgive your hasty brother, won't 
you? [x]


    You will forgive your hasty brother, won't 
    you? [x]
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by 藤小豆
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    Let me put all your worries at ease!

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    Tales of Card Evolve『テイルズ オブ カード エボルブ』

    Characters:Ruca Milda(TOI),Asras(TOI),Victoria (TOG),Estellie Sidos Heurassein (TOV),Lulu(TOX2).

    *Lulu is very adorable”

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    I have decided Enrique curses in Classical Music.

    "Father of Baroque!"

    "Handel’s Fireworks!"

    "By Chopin’s Prelude in E Minor!"

    I was trying to come up with some form of cursing, like in Darren Shan where they curse to the Vampire Gods? “Charna’s guts!” but yeah it got out of handel.

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    1. How people remember Kratos: I am Kratos, a mercenary, and a stoic one who knows every step of the way and can plan perfectly, with a cool head to boot. I'm omniscient and just incredible. The footing here is poor just like your technique.
    2. How Kratos actually was: How do you angel. How do you dad. How do you traitor. I'm going to bungle doing all of these things since I want to try all three at once. Aha...Lloyd must thing I'm a weird dad...